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  • Sexualizing Cancer

    There is no other discourse surrounding breast cancer more pluralistic in its approach to historical trauma and critique of allopathic medicine as carried out by a white dominated American medical landscape than Ericka Hart’s seminal workshop, project series and curriculum, “Sexualizing Cancer: An Invitation to View Cancer Beyond Pink”. Hart’s work is frankly the only of it’s kind, and asserts the personal as not only political but a viable part of any conversation on healing. It forces us to see our systems of care as complicit in the perpetuation of illness and contextualizes the experiences of marginalized community; unabashedly centering and sentient such that queer black, brown and femme voices aren’t lost among the drone of scholarly research less skilled than Hart in bringing academia to the places it won’t go. 

  • Sexualizing Cancer Part 2 (for medical providers or breast cancer patients)

    A breast cancer diagnosis alone can impact an individual’s sex life. Sexualizing Cancer has also been created for breast cancer patients at diagnosis, during treatment, and post-treatment who are looking to reclaim pleasure. The workshop is inclusive of those single or in partnerships. 

    This curriculum is designed to support medical providers/front line staff of hospitals to be inclusive in their services of LGBTQIA+ people. The workshop has been created for medical providers working with breast cancer patients, but can be tailored to working with any chronic illness.

  • Sexual Health

    In this series of age-appropriate comprehensive workshops, participants will learn the following various topics: sexual anatomy, gender, pleasure, sexual identity, healthy relationships and more. Curriculum available upon request. Available for ages 5 & up.

  • BDSM/Kink

    In this workshop, participants will learn the various aspects of BDSM/kink and how people can and do apply these elements to their everyday lives. 

  • Polyamory/Non-monogamy

    In this workshop, participants will explore the various aspects of polyamory/non-monogamy as an authentic and valid relationship model. 

  • Social & Racial Justice

    After a short consultation, Ericka will create a workshop that will propel your staff/students into action using social and racial justice tools. All workshops center those who navigate society from its margins. This topic can be tailored to a series of workshops or as a single workshop.

  • Intersectionality

    In this interactive workshop participants will have the opportunity to learn what the term coined by Kimberle W. Crenshaw means and how they can apply it to their professional and personal lives. 

  • LGBTQIA+ Cultural Literacy: Creating Safer Spaces

    In this interactive workshop, participants will learn the ways in which our society can be harmful towards those who are apart of the queer community, and practical ways to make spaces safer. This workshop can be tailored depending on the audience. 

  • Gender 101

    In this interactive workshop, participants will dismantle the view that gender exists in a binary to adopt and understand its fluidity. By the end of the workshop, participants will have gained a deeper understanding of gender and its various distinctions. 

  • Where are all the black people?

    Ericka tells the story of her life through her intersections in this candid discourse. Very popular amongst school community groups.

  • Also available for modeling requests!


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